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73%* of patients said they would be more satisfied with their practice if they offered online repeat requests. Give your patients the convenience of requesting a script on their own time with HealthEngine Repeats.

*Based on 2017 HealthEngine survey of 908 patients

Customised for your practice

GPs make the decision if medication can be prescribed without an in-person consult. You can set your own fee, response time, and available delivery options for patients: pickup, fax to pharmacy, or post to patient.
We’ll take the hassle out of patient phone calls and payments.

Repeat Prescription Benefits:

  •  Increased patient satisfaction and convenience
  •  Easy integration with your Practice Management Software
  •  More time for doctors
  •  Improved front-desk efficiency
  •  Secure payment gateway and communications
  •  Only pay for successful prescription requests

how it works

4 Simple Steps To Seamless Repeat Prescriptions Success

Designed to simplify represcriptions, patients will love the convenience of requesting their prescription online while your front-desk team and practitioners will enjoy more time for other tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can GPs reject a script request?

Yes. Doctors know their patients best. We will provide the necessary information to help practitioners decide if they can safely prescribe medication without an in-person consult.

Do all the practitioners at our practice need to use Repeats?

Your GPs can choose to opt in to Repeat Prescriptions. Only participating doctors will be selectable by patients when requesting a repeat script online.

How much does Repeats cost?

We only charge successful script requests. It’s up to you how much to charge your patients for an online script request – we take a flat 10% service fee. There is no setup fee or monthly subscription for Repeat Prescriptions.

How does billing work?

How often can you say a product just deposits money into your account? Repeats does just that. On a monthly basis we’ll collect the payments and transfer it to your bank account minus the 10% service fee.

How does it integrate with my Practice Management Software?

Repeats hooks directly into your Practice Management Software. This means participating doctors can be notified in real time via messages, see linked patient files, make notes and reply all within the Practice Management Software.

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