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Profiles on HealthEngine are not just for GPs. Our extensive directory includes specialists, dentists, physios, chiropractors, psychologists, optometrists, plus a range of other allied health providers. And, you don’t even need to be a HealthEngine customer to claim your free Basic Profile.

If you’re looking to improve your online visibility, and attract more patients, take the first step and claim your free Basic Profile on Australia’s #1 online healthcare destination.

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What is the HealthEngine Marketplace?

Patients are searching for practices and they’re searching online – even if it’s just to double check the address details or phone number. Yet not all practices have a website, or run paid search ads – so simply Googling the details of your local GP, dentist, or even physio can be a time consuming process.

The HealthEngine marketplace solves that by bringing all of Australia’s healthcare providers into one easily searchable place.

3.5 Million patients searching every month

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Why claim a Basic Profile?

Patients are booking healthcare appointments online and they’re doing so via HealthEngine – Australia’s #1 online Healthcare destination.

With over 3.5 million patients using the HealthEngine App and website every month, a Basic Profile ensures that your practice is available when patients are searching for your practice.

What your profile looks like

Your free Basic Profile on HealthEngine allows you to list your practice name, address, contact details, plus accepted payment methods, industry accreditations, opening hours and more. We even pinpoint your business on a map!

Once verified, you can even receive patient enquiries directly via your HealthEngine profile.

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