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You’ve worked hard to build patient loyalty at your practice. But like any lasting relationship, it requires two-way communication, respect, and the odd box of chocolates!

Continuity of care is a vital aspect of general practice. That’s why at HealthEngine, we develop all of our products with the goal of helping you establish engagement with your patients.

Here’s our guide on how to ensure your patients won’t start seeing other practices!

1. Have an engaging profile

Claiming your free profile listing on HealthEngine is step in the right direction. This allows you to show a verified listing of your practice name, address and contact details.

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To stand out from the crowd even further, upgrade to Professional Profile for your practice. This enables you to:

  • Be front and centre for  over 1.5 million Australian users each month
  • Showcase staff profiles and practice images
  • Track your monthly performance
  • Improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

2. Be available

When it comes to listing your appointment availability, don’t play hard to get!

Patient Match will enable you to fill gaps in your appointment book by displaying them to an active audience of over 1.5 million patients looking for medical practitioners. Offering you the ability to display your available appointments live on both and the HealthEngine App. It has never been easier for patients to find your practice and book with you online.

90% of HealthEngine users have only ever booked at the same practice, highlighting the ability of our platform to enable continuity of care.

Patient Match is fully customisable and allows you to easily add and remove available appointments directly from your Practice Management Software.

Plus, patients are able to favourite your practice on HealthEngine – ensuring patient loyalty and that you are always on their mind!

3. Don’t get stood up

With Appointment Reminders, you can put an end to “Did Not Attends” at your practice.

Reminders allow you to communicate with patients through the channels they prefer (SMS and in-app) to help develop a sense of loyalty and connection to your practice.

Never worry about having to split the bill either – our customisable system allows you to send unlimited reminders to your patients for one fixed monthly fee, without the need for any messy credit bundles.

4. Keep them coming back

Clinical recalls are a vital part of general practice that traditionally require considerable staff time and energy to process. But are all the letters you send failing to gain replies?

Consider switching to an SMS recalls bundle, the simple and compliant way to send patient recalls – freeing up your front desk or nursing staff, saving you postage in the process and encouraging patient loyalty.

HealthEngine Recalls includes unlimited SMS, and can be bundled with Appointment Reminders for one fixed fee and seamless patient engagement.

5. Find out what they really think

Honest patient feedback is also a key method of understanding what keeps them coming back to your practice – or dissuades them from ever returning. 

HealthEngine’s exciting new Patient Pulse tool will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of patient sentiment at your practice.

This way you can gain invaluable insight into what your patients really think – which in turn fosters ways for your practice to continuously improve and enhance patient loyalty.

6. See if they took your advice

When it comes to post-appointment care, the Medication Manager feature on the HealthEngine app promotes medication adherence and education. This ground-breaking technology notifies patients when it is time to take medication prescribed during their appointment, allows them to note any side effects, and reminds them to rebook with you before their repeat script runs out.

The two-way tool enables GPs to monitor adherence and any adverse reactions, equipping them with valuable knowledge before the next appointment.

In Summary

HealthEngine has a full suite of products to help foster engaging care between practitioners and patients. Put an end to the heartache of appointment gaps and disappearing patients today. To find out how we can drive loyalty and repeat bookings at you practice, get in touch with our Practice Consultants via the contact form below.

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