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Are you looking to grow your healthcare practice, optimise your bookings or better engage with your patients?

Our latest informative webinar will give you insight into how our exciting new product Booking 360 will improve every aspect of the bookings, reminders and recalls process for your patients. In just 25 minutes you can learn:

  • Latest insights into patient online behaviour from our Google certified experts
  • How Booking 360 integrates with Best Practice or MedicalDirector PracSoft software to revolutionise your patient interactions
  • Bonus products your practice can access using Booking 360
  • How we diligently safeguard patient privacy

HealthEngine continues to drive innovation in the medical sector, assisting medical practices to better connect with their patients. To access this free webinar, and learn how we can help grow your practice and streamline your processes, please enter your email details below.

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