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With up to 77% of internet users searching online before booking an appointment with a healthcare provider, promoting your practice online is key to attracting and retaining patients.

Maintaining a steady stream of new patients isn’t as easy as it once was for practices. Patients have a world of information at their fingertips, and more choice than ever before. 

Embrace to Engage

By embracing – not fearing – online technology, practices will discover exciting new ways to engage and attract patients, helping them to thrive – not just survive – in this new digital market.

For practices, this means a shift away from traditional marketing models to a focused, multi-channelled approach that enables direct measurement of advertising return on investment.

But with so many different marketing channels, tools and strategies out there – where do you start?

Free Digital Marketing Playbook

The simple guide on how to spend smarter on your practice's online marketing.


Our Guide to Promoting Your Practice Online

We wanted to help practices thrive in this new digital landscape, which is why we’ve put together a free Digital Marketing Playbook for Practices.

In this free playbook, we break down how the main areas of digital advertising relate to your practice marketing. We’ll provide you with a list of key insights, simple things you can do instantly, plus options to consider investing in. 

You’ll learn how to boost your online visibility and drive new patient acquisition by spending smarter on your practice marketing with targeted, measurable campaigns.

Highlights from the playbook include:

  • A snapshot of the changing patient behaviour in a digital world and what this means for practices
  • How online visibility can be the difference between being found and being forgotten
  • The important role availability plays in generating new bookings
  • How to pay less and get more from measurable digital marketing


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