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Over the past few weeks, a spotlight has been shone on HealthEngine and encouraged us to think about how we can do things better.

As a fast-growing organisation, we are constantly learning and making changes to our business practices. We have listened intently to the public, the media, to our valued customers and stakeholders.

Patients and healthcare practices remain at the heart of our business. Their trust in HealthEngine is our highest priority. We hope to rebuild this trust to allow us to continue to do more of the good work we have done in improving the healthcare experience of millions of Australians.

I want to assure everybody that we are making changes to the business that will deliver on our mission to create a connected healthcare ecosystem that empowers the world’s best care experiences. We have been conducting extensive reviews of our partnerships, processes and policies.

That’s why, today I am announcing a number of major changes at HealthEngine. These haven’t been easy decisions to make. But they’re the best decisions for our patients and our customers.

The changes we have already made include:

  1. ceasing our third party referral service; and
  2. ceasing the publication of user comments as part of our Practice Recognition System.

We will also be ceasing third party banner advertising on HealthEngine as of 31 July to create a more streamlined user experience.

In the coming weeks we will also:

  1. Give users greater visibility and control over the way we manage their personal information.
  2. Establish an advisory group to work closely with health providers, consumer peak bodies and regulators to ensure our future products and services are informed by consulting more widely.

We believe transforming healthcare experiences leads to better health outcomes. By making these changes I am confident we will improve the user experience on HealthEngine and provide even more value for our customers.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Marcus Tan

Founder, CEO & Medical Director

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